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LoVen special products dip moulding

LoVen special products manufacturers a wide range of standard and custom vinyl dip mouldings at 2 European production sites.

Dip moulding is the ideal process for producing both small and large quantities of vinyl plastic parts. A wide variety of products is available from standard moulds, but custom mouldings can also be created both quickly and economically.

Dip moulding

LoVen special products

Vinyl Caps

A wide range of standard moulds is available (see Size Charts). Caps are made in flexible vinyl material, and you can choose a material, cap length and colour to suit your application.

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Rectangular and Square caps are also available for applications including lever covers, ball valve grips, tie rod sleeves, de-bonding sleeves etc.

Plastic sleeves, flat grips, flat tips, ball valve grips, printed grips, plastic grips, hand grips, rectangular caps, square caps. >>

Special Products

Dip moulding is ideal for both small and larger quantities of custom plastic products. Prototypes are normally available within 2 weeks, and Tooling cost is typically below £1000.

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Bellows are available in a variety of materials including flexible, semi-flexible, glossy, matte and low temperature resistant. Prototyping is quick and economic, and bellows can be used in a variety of industrial applications.

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Vinyl coating provides a protective plastic layer on your product. Set-up is quick and easy, and you can choose from a wide selection of vinyl material hardnesses and colours.

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Medical Products

Dip moulding is ideal for producing enema tips, sterilization caps and puffer bulbs in a variety of shapes and colours.

Enema tips, sterilization caps, vented caps, puffer bulbs, cannula. >>


Give your product its own personality by printing your name, logo or instruction. Printing ink fuses into the moulding and is very durable.

Printed mouldings, printed sleeves, pad printing, screen printing, printed logo. >>

Dip-moulded flat tips and grips in a variety of sizes and colours. Protection vinyl.   Custom dip mouldings in flexible vinyl with low tooling cost. Specials cap tube plug cover.
Pvc coating for protection and finishing. Coating specials.   Dip mouldings printed with logos and instructions. Printing.
Dip-moulded profile caps in flexible vinyl. Plastic.   Dip-moulded bellows in flexible vinyl. Custom moldings.
Dip-moulded medical mouldings in flexible vinyl. Medical tube pipes enema.   2-colour dip mouldings. Tubes.
Dip coatings in flexible vinyl. Metal protection coating.   Custom dip-moulded insulation shrouds. Protective caps.
Dip coated lever covers bellows made in flexible vinyl. Metal coating.   Dip-moulded bellows for automotive applications. Bellows dip molding.

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